Gary knelt in a secluded, narrow valley with starlight shining down and a crescent moon hanging just above the trees. Mist rose from a small lake forming a slight haze within the surrounding wood and narrowing visibility on the country lane. His companion shifted, and he realized they had been waiting, hidden near the road, for some time when they heard a noise in the distance. (Caron)

They looked down the valley road and saw a dim light. It brightened, then rose out of the mist and shot straight up until it vanished among the many stars. Gary realized he was holding his breath and let it out with an almost silent sigh. He looked down at Jill. She still looked skyward, a stunned expression on her face that made Gary smile. " Told ya", he said with just a hint of a southern drawl. (gunsmoke)

With them they had their dog named Howler and he did as his name. He howled till Gary yelled at him to shut up. When he was finally quiet they walked to where they'd seen the last of the light. They were shocked when they got to an old cabin in the woods. It was old and torn up with the porch roof sagging down almost blocking the rickety front steps. They were trying to find the light they thought was a space ship. (Sierra102)

The cabin looked dark, deserted. The went up the steps slowly, Gary in front as was right. The stairs creaked, they paused, then went onto the porch. Howler stayed in the yard. He lay on his belly and when Gary called to him he just whined a little but didn't get up. Gary shook his head and motioned for Jill to follow. They went to the front door and he knocked softly. No answer. He knocked again. No answer. He moved aside to look in the front window but it was so dark he couldn't see anything. He rapped his knuckles on the glass. It made a loud noise, but still no one came to the door. Jill pulled on his sleeve and he looked back at her. "Maybe we should come back, you know, in the morning". Gary frowned, "Maybe", he replied slowly. Then they heard it. (gunsmoke)

"... G-Gary... W-W-What was that?" Jill had always had a habit of stuttering and clinging to the first thing she could get her hands on--in this case, it was Gary--when she was nervous, and who could blame her? It was only natural for someone to be scared after hearing snarling, loud thumping and what seemed to be the rattling of heavy chains coming from behind a creepy, decrepid cabin. "... I don't know..." Gary responded, clearly just as scared as his friend. Commonsense told him to leave, but there was a bit of an adrenaline junkie in him--one that wanted to know what exactly that sound was. "... Jill, stay behind me, ok?" he warned, grabbing onto the red-haired girl's hand and staying in front of her as he walked; everything in Jill wanted to run away, but for whatever reason, feeling Gary's hand in her's made her feel just brave enough to follow him. (Trezure99)

Howler whined low and soft about being left behind. Belly to the ground, silent now and unseen,he crept after his master. Gary led Jill back down the stairs and around the north corner of the cabin. The yard was grown up here, the grass up past his knees. He kept a sharp eye as he he closed on the back corner of the cabin. Then all went silent. He froze and Jill bumped him softly. She started to speak and Gary quickly raised a finger to his lips. She drew in a breath, then held it. There was a loud thump and Gary felt as if the entire cabin shook. He moved again, pulling Jill's hand gently. They reached the back corner and Gary peared around it. Nothing. Moonlight filtered through close spaced trees. Nothing moved. There was a large wooden door close to the ground and right up against the house. Storm cellar? Coal shoot? Could be anything. A flicker of movement in the woods caught his attention. Then he saw it! (gunsmoke)

It was a glowing figure near the edge of the woods. A woman! Her long flowing hair moved about her head in the breeze as if alive. She looked back over her shoulder and gestured for Gary and Jill to follow before disappearing silently into the trees. Howler sped past heading for the point where the woman entered the woods, but as Gary and Jill moved to follow... (Caron)

There came a loud crash. They jerked around and saw the cellar door thrown wide! A strange mist crept from the dark opening and spread across the ground as if alive. Gary frowned as he struggled to think. Cellar, or woods? Howler had followed the figure into the woods, and he decided they should go that way too. He took Jills hand again and began walking away from the cabin. (gunsmoke)

As they went into the woods something flashed by it looked like a cat. It was a tiny kitten and it was so small it could fit into a hole in the door to push it open. Gary investigated the cellar doors and found a hole that the small creature could fit in. he also saw scratch marks on the side that opened. The small female had pushed the doors open but she didn't make the doors glow. Then something caught his eyes it was a white, glowing horse that was the kitten's friend it seemed. They they kept the kitten and the gost horse they named the kitten Gigi and the gost horse Henry. (Who wrote this? Please sign your paragraphs with your username. Thanks!)

Gary shook his head. Wow! That mist was messing with his mind. Looking at Jill he decided that she had gotten a dose too. He moved quicker, pulling Jill deeper into the woods and clear of the strange glowing mist. The path darkened. As his mind cleared he slowed the pace looking for Howler. He didn't see the dog, but he heard him. Somewhere up ahead, howling at something. Jill coughed and Gary paused as she caught her breath. She shook her head and Gary decided she was back to normal. They shared a quick smile then began walking again. Howler sounded close, but they still couldn't see him through the dark trees. Abruptly, he went silent! Gary froze and Jill bumped him lightly from behind. The air was still and quiet as if the Earth itself held its breath. Then there was a flash of light, brighter than the sun. Gary and Jill were both dazzled, and when the light faded the forest was even darker than before. (gunsmoke)

They heard Howler barking ahead, fading. He must be moving away from them. Gary pulled Jill along, feeling ahead with his other hand, trying to avoid running head-on into a tree. Slowly his vision cleared. He saw a path and followed it. Howler was getting closer now. Abruptly they came to the edge of a clearing. Gary stared at the old cabin there. Wait a minute, that should be well behind them now. How had they got turned around and gone back to the cabin? The mist had cleared but the cellar door remained open, a faint glow showing the opening. Howler stood beside them now, refusing to enter the clearing. Sounded like a good idea to Gary too. "Let's just go home', Jill whispered from behind him. That sounded like a good idea too! He called to Howler and turned back into the woods. They walked for over fifteen minutes before coming to another clearing. There sat the cabin. It wasn't, it couldn't be, the same cabin. But it was. What now? (gunsmoke)