Welcome to Telling Tales!

I really like collaborating with people because you never know what direction a story will take when other people are involved...and I just love a good story. This Wiki was created with the idea of students in high school adding to a story a paragraph at a time but anyone can join in. So let's keep the language clean and the creativity high!

What you need to do is request to become a member by creating a username with an email. I will receive the request and confirm you so that you can make changes to the story. I never share email addresses.

All right, I don't know where these stories will lead us or what they will ultimately be about...only you can determine that. Your goal is to post one paragraph or several lines of dialogue (we're flexible). If you would like to start a different story, just let me know a title and the first paragraph, and I will set up the page!

Have fun and let's enjoy a good tale! Just click on the page link to go to our first story The Cabin in the Woods.

If you would like to contact me, send me an email at Definitely contact me if you would like a copy of the finished story so that I can email it to you. By posting to this Wiki, you agree everything written here is in the public domain.